Spearfishing in Phuket

Spearfishing in Phuket is becoming increasingly popular. We run Apnea and Spearfishing courses plus hunting boat trips and private charters. Spearfishing off Nui Beach is limited to beginners and courses only, in order to preserve the marine environment. However we go spearfishing in the local area from boats to and around local Islands (Ko) including :

Ko Bon

Lovely Island with gentle sheltered waters offering reef spearfishing. Thus makes it idea for beginners.

Ko Kaew Yai and Noi

Two sister Islands, a short trip from Nui Beach, that offer good opportunities for medium sized fish. There are some currents around, especially at Ko Kaew Noi that make this more suited to intermediate spearios.

Ko Racha Yai and Noi

Offer simply the best opportunities for spearfishing in Phuket. These Islands are located south of Phuket a couple of hours away by a Traditional Thai Longtail Boat. There are often strong currents around this deep water site making it only suitable for advanced spearfishermen. The Rachas are also a nice Islands to go ashore which is good for non spearios.

Please note: Whilst we endeavor to facilitate hunting of big game but we can not guarantee we will find them.