The Law

In Thailand Spearfishing is legal whilst Apnea Diving and there are no issues bringing spearguns in the country. However:-

  1. In Marine Parks it is strictly prohibited, as to be expected.
  2. Whilst breathing compressed air apparatus is illegal which includes but not limited to scuba equipment and surface fed regulators.
  3. For commercial purposes it requires licencing as appropriate.
  4. Unsafe use of spearfishing weapon systems of course usually results in arrest by police as appropriate. Always travel with your spearguns and accessories in appropriate baggage.

We advise spearfishermen to take relevant courses and have the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience in order to spearfish safely and legally. At North Diving we offer a variety of courses for this purpose.

Disclaimer: This page does not constitute any form of legal advice to any party or body for any purpose. It is simply to assist the reader as guidance, at the time of writing, to seek professional legal advice as appropriate and as required.