Diving off Nui Beach

Nui Beach is a private location with excellent access to and from Phuket.  Customers can avoid the crowds whilst enjoying unspoilt and pristine waters with abundant marine life. Customers can enjoy the Beach Club facilities, whilst engaged in a Scuba Diving or Apnea or Snorkeling experience or course. All prices include equipment hire, PADI course materials and certification fees. All advanced bookings made 2 day prior to the course starting include Local Pick up and Beach Taxi fees.


฿750 Apnea Diving (1 day) for Certified Apnea Divers

฿1,500 Spearfishing (1 day) for Certified Spearios

฿3,500 Skin Diver (½ day)

฿7,500 DPV Snorkelling (1 day)

฿9,000 DPV Diving for DPV Certified Divers (1 day)

฿6,000 Basic Freediver (1 day) Course

฿9,000 Freediver (2 days) Course

฿2,500 Try Dive (1½ hours)

฿4,500 Discover Scuba Diving (1 day) Experience

฿1,000 8l Tank and weights hire only for Certified Divers

฿1,250 11l Tank and weights hire only for Certified Divers

฿1,500 15l Tank and weights hire only for Certified Divers

฿2,500 Scuba Diving (1 day) for Certified Divers

฿11,000 Scuba Diver (2 days) Course

฿16,000 Open Water Diver (3 or 4 days) Course

฿17,000 DPV Diver (2 day)

฿7,500 Digital Photographer either snorkeling or Scuba Diving (1 day)

฿10,000 Speargun course (1 day) Course

฿15,000 Hunting course (2 days) Course

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