Tec Trimix

This is a one week course that qualifies a diver to go from 30m to 65m on normoxic trimix and deeper than 65m on hypoxic trimix, using up to four stages of travel and accelerated decompression gases. Trimix is a breathing gas with helium added to mitigate the narcotic effects of nitrogen whilst managing oxygen exposure by reducing oxygen content. This is advanced technical diving that significantly increases the risks associated with diving. The aim is to give a technical diver the appropiate skill set to dive safely to 75m on hypoxic breathing gases. After qualification this can then be used as a platform with all the required theory to build on, using further experience in a slow and progressive manner, for deeper depths as required.

This course can be broken down into two courses of 4 then 3 days by doing the intermediate Tec 65 course before completing Tec Trimix.