Business Terms and Conditions

Water Beach Club

The beach itself, as with all other Thai beaches, is public land but all the land around it is private. Access through the Club to the Beach is free of charge and there are no membership or club fees. The Club makes its facilities available to everyone to enjoy.

Apnea divers have to be at least PADI Freediver or higher certified to hire equipment. Scuba Divers have to be at least PADI Scuba Diver or higher certified to hire equipment. Equivalent certifications from a recognised recreational diver training agency are also accepted. Failure to produce this official verification will prohibit hiring of either apnea or scuba diving from the Beach Club unless in a program conducted by North Diving Thailand (Co) Limited.

Solo divers have to hold PADI Self Reliant or equivalent qualification and have sufficient equipment redundancy. This course can be taught by North Diving Thailand (Co) Limited.

The road to the Beach Club can be only used safely by proper off road vehicles. Members using their own 4x4s or ATVs or motorbikes do so at their own risk, any stuck vehicles that require assistance will incur towing fees of at least ฿1,500. It is recommended that only 4x4s with low gear ratios and diff locking are used by members wishing to drive down the road which is a dirt track.

Member’s Health and Safety in Diving Activities

Water Beach Club operates various watersports and as such wants to ensure that Club Members can safely enjoy as these activities. The diving side of these activities are all conducted by North Diving Thailand (C0) Limited, all members engaged these activities are controlled our staff. North Diving Thailand (Co) Limited has conducted risk assessments for all snorkelling and diving activities conducted at Water Beach Club, these are in addition to any assessments and governance imposed by training agencies such as PADI. Any Beach Club customer that engages in these activities automatically confers acceptance of all of North Diving Thailand (Co) Limited Rules, Regulations and Governance. Any failure of a Club Customer to comply with direction or control of safe practises may have his membership revoked without any refund.

Customers using own Equipment

Diving from Nui Beach using any of your own equipment is a welcome. However customers who use their own equipment is at their own risk and customer equipment is left at the customers own risk. No liability is undertaken by North Diving Thailand (Co) Limited or any other party for customers using or storing their own equipment.


Foraging and Hunting is discouraged from the shore in order to preserve this pristine dive site. However spearfishing and hunting programs are conducted from by North Diving Thailand (Co) Limited using safe practices to protect both Customers and the marine environment.

VAT / Sales Tax

North Diving is not currently registered for VAT so does not charge it.

Fees, Prices and Payments

North Diving operates an open, transparent and fair pricing structure. Unlike like many other diving business North Diving published price is what you pay without any addition fees  hidden extras. The course fees have no hidden costs so include all training materials, certification costs and the hire of any all equipment, unless clearly stated.

We reverse the right to vary any Fee or Price published on our website or any other media without prior notice but this is extremely rare. The website published price taken is as fixed once a deposit is paid for any booking and will not vary if course is completed under these terms and conditions.

Payment can be made in cash in THB, GBP, USD and EUR. Card Payments are accepted in GBP through the online Paypal system. Card payment on the Beach is currently not available due to lack of mobile data or WiFi.

Training Courses

Most Training Courses require prerequisite qualifications, so proof of Certification is required before any enrolment onto training programs as appropriate.

A deposit of 25% subject to a minimum of ฿2,500 is paid at time of booking. Training material will be available once deposit is received, these can be forwarded for a small Package and Postage additional fee. Deposits are non refundable is any circumstances.

The full course fee has to be paid in full at least two weeks before course starts. If the course has to be curtailed due to either weather conditions or instructor availability or Doctor certified student illness the next available schedule will be booked without any further costs.

If a course is cancelled: One week or more before start date then only the deposit is retained. Less than one week then 50% of the course fee is retained

PADI as a training agency requires all knowledge reviews in their training materials to be completed and signed as part of their performance assessment, therefore certifications will not be processed until the student has fully completed this requirement together with all other performance requirements. It is best practice and recommended to complete all knowledge reviews before starting the course.

The course fees have no hidden costs so include all training materials, certification costs and the hire of any all equipment, unless clearly stated.

Any questions? Please enquire via the contact us.